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New Ornaments In Ebay!

Newly finished  Ornaments in ebay on 28th March 2015

I have just managed to completed 4 newly handmade ornaments and they will be listed in ebay on this coming Saturday. While I also managed to stitch along one of my preordered cross stitch from Lanarte design. My supplier finally brought in some new stock on White Opalescent 32ct. lugana fabrics. I have been waiting them for long. I love this glittering fabrics but it was so hard to get them here. Lucky Me! Okay, so here’s the four pretty ornaments.

The Sweetheart Tree Design -Butterfly Welcome

(WIPs of Butterfly Welcome)


This is a very pretty design from The Sweetheart Tree. The design use Week Dye Works threads. Also lots of mill hill seed beads and pony beads are stitched in this design. I picked a vintage country cream 32ct Belfast linen to stitch this design on. I also finished the ornament sides with rainbow crochet lace.


Just Nan Designs -True Blue Heart

(WIPs of True Blue Heart)


I always love Just Nan designs. This is one of their  beautiful heart design. Stitched with some mill hill Ice seed beads, flower beads and AB pearl in center. The sides of the heart shape ornament are finished with a multi blue lilac crochet lace. Stitched on antique white 28ct. Cashel linen.


The Drawn Thread -Spot of Spring

Stitched on Vintage country Cream 32ct. Belfast linen. A butterfly charm is stitched in this design. Side of ornament finished with multi greens and white crochet lace. Some parts of the design are stitched with petite stitches. This is a beautiful little sampler work.


Stoney Creek -Bless This House Angel

A lovely angel design. Stitched on misty sky blue 28ct. linen. Halo stitched with dmc gold metallic floss. Sides of ornament finished with light beige champagne gold glitter crochet lace.


~ Next , I will like to show my recent finished pin cushion scissor fob. If you have been following my posts, you may already know that I am looking forward to stitch a mermaid design in 2015. I have not picked the design yet. But since I recently broke my ‘old red scissor’ and I don’t remember how it got damaged. lol.  Anyway it’s already damaged and that I urgently need a new pair of scissor, I went over to my supplier for help. I want to get myself a good pair of embroidery scissor. If you are sharp, you may have already notice it in one of my photos above. Well, because of this lovely new addition to my cross stitch room , I want to make it special. So I make a mermaid scissor fob for her. Well, just a little cute scissor fob finished with a crochet lace around the sides with some seed beads. Btw, this design was from Just nan. I stitched this little design on a special hand dyed misty sea Opalescent  32ct. linen. The fabric glitter but my camera didn’t catch it. Mermaid face was stitched with 1 over 1 petite stitches. Specially made for my new embroidery scissor.

Yes! I really LOVE Mermaids!! ~ enjoy the picture.



Lovely Ornaments in ebay on 21/03/2015


*I started making these lovely ornaments for Spring time. It’s been a busy fingers week for me. They will be listed this Saturday in ebay. Now let’s get a quick peek at these lovely New Release ornaments!!

Guardian Angel Ornament



*Cute looking Guardian Angel stitched on hand-dyed misty sky blue linen. Sides are hand sewn with white pearls around the circle ornament. A lovely new addition to my ebay auctions.  Remember to Check him out on Saturday!

Lanarte (MB) Spring Ornament


*Another one lovely new creation , sides of ornament are hand sewn with a hand knitted new color multi greens crochet lace. The multi greens crochet lace match perfectly on this design. A beautiful ornament for Spring time! Stitched on antique white 28ct. linen.

The Sweeheart Tree Spring Blossoms Welcome Ornament


*A Newly finished ‘Spring Welcome’ ornament designed by Sweetheart Tree.  Stitched on light platinum 28ct. linen with some mill hill seed beads. Beautiful finished with handmade twisted cording hand sewn on sides of this ornament. This is one very special handmade ornament with a unique shape. Hard to find!

Shepherds Bush LOVE pin cushion pillow Ornament


(Front of ornament)


(Back of ornament)

*Stitched on angel blush 28ct linen. This cute little pin cushion ornament will make a special gift on Mother’s day or for someone special! This is a two sided ornament. This ornament can be a pin cushion or just a little cute ornament alone.

There will be four newly release ornaments in ebay this week. I am currently busy stitching some new design ornaments and also some of my other preorders along. I will be adding more newly handmade ornaments in the next few weeks time.

Do Check Out My Ebay Auctions Every Week For Newly handmade Ornaments!

** Remember that : ~All Ornaments Are Only Hand Sewn  by TAN. !!!~





New!~Cute little Just Nan Pin Cushions Ornaments!

While I am stitching my other preorders, I have also been making some cute little pin cushion ornaments from Just Nan designs. I stop making Biscornu for some years. Now once again, I picked up my needle and start working on some of them. It’s harder stitching /making these little pin cushions compared to the basic cross stitching skills.

What is a Biscornu??

~Biscornu is a French word which describes a quirky little cushion with 8 corners. However, some are also created in 15 sides, known as a 15 sides biscornu. A biscornu can be a pin cushion, a sachet, a fob, or an ornament. It can be any sizes as long as you start with 2 square pieces which are exactly the same size.

Photos Of My Completed Just Nan Anniversary Biscornu (*with detachable strap)

Isn’t this a cute little pin cushion for all seasons? This can be a great heirloom addition too. All hand stitched and hand sewn on. Make with lots of mill hill seed beads. Stitched on periwinkle 28ct. linen.

JN BisA1

JN BisA2

JN BisA4

Photos Of My Completed Just Nan Nosegay Biscornu (*with detachable strap)

Also stitched on a 28ct linen with mill hill petite seed beads and dmc gold metallic floss, this is also another cute biscornu with detachable hanger. This is my another creation from Just nan designs. Back design of the biscornu is from another designer. I bring the two designs together and created them into a biscornu, adding a Lucite flower bead and little tiny pearls at four corners, center  stitched with clear Lucite tiny flower beads, turning this biscornu to a very special limited edition!

JN BisB1

JN BisB3

JN BisB5

WIPs of My Just Nan -Making Friend Cube Pin Cushion/ Ornament


Stitching this little tiny snowmen designs from Just Nan. I know snow is almost over but it will still be a cute little addition to any lovely home. I stitched in mill hill seed beads at top and bottom of the cube, making them into little snow flakes.

Photos Of Just Nan- Making Friends Cube Pin Cushion Ornament

*Stitched on 28ct linen. There is no hanger for this pin cushion. This cube pin cushion ornament can stand on it’s own. A cute lovely addition to any cross stitch lover!


JN1 (*Another side of this cute little cube pin cushion ornament)

Ornaments Ornaments?? No Ornaments?

So No ornament hangers this week in ebay? Of course I will still be listing some newly made ornament hangers in ebay this Saturday. Here they are:

Shepherd’s Bush Designs – EGG Ornament hanger (Specially Created For This Coming Easter!)

Stitched on 28ct jobelan evenweave. A Lovely Easter Ornament! Sides are crochet knit with rainbow crochet lace.


TIAG – Friendship Quilt (*Released*)

This is from one of my previously made ornament hanger from Told in a garden design. This is a retired design.




Happy March!


It’s March , I love spring time. However not so good to sit down and stitch this month. Why? Well, over here in my country Singapore, the weather now is very warm. It seldom rain nowadays. I really hope it will rain today! However, I am so happy to hear from some of you. Thank you Anette, Donna and Laura for writing to me when I was having my Chinese New Year break in February till early March. I really enjoy myself during the holidays. I actually drive up to my neighbouring country Malaysia during this period. ( Malaysia is also a part of Asia countries, just situated next to Singapore.) Had a really great time with my family. I will like to Thank Anette here especially! ~ Thank you for loving my stitching work! And Thank you for your lots of preorders. Thank you for being a loyal customers for years. I will keep my fingers busy working on your designs. I do think they will probably keep me busy till early autumn. Lol. Thank you for your patience! I hope I won’t keep you waiting too long for the lanarte design (for your mother’s birthday). My promise!! 🙂

Just a little note for Special Preorders.

I will not be taking in any special preorders from now till June 2015 unless for *some of you who send me the preorder request before February 2015, I will try to squeeze in some extra time to stitch your design. (*Please kindly note that I may need a longer time stitching your preorders too. Thank you so so much! )

I do think 2015 will be a busy stitching year for me. Also, I am looking forward to stitch a special mermaid for myself this year! I haven’t been stitching a design for myself and my family in 2014, so I will make one in the year 2015. I’ve actually found a best place to hang my framed mermaid work. Now what I need is some extra time for ‘her’. Lol. I hope she can wait for me.

I hope everyone have a great time stitching! 🙂


Easter Ornaments !!


March is here! I will be listing a few March and April theme ornaments tomorrow onwards in ebay. Let’s take a look at these ornaments!


Design from The Sweetheart Tree – Bunnies And A Basket

A cute little Easter design stitched on 28ct antique white Cashel Linen with some mill hill seed beads. A special heart shape handmade ornament , bottom center of ornament comes an addition of a handmade tassel.

E B2

Design from Lizzie Kate (Special edition) – Song Of Spring

Stitched on 28ct. antique ivory Cashel Linen.


Design from Lizzie Kate (Limited edition)- A Little Easter

Stitched on 28ct. antique white Cashel Linen. Sides of ornament finished with handmade crochet lace in rainbow.


Design from Permin of Copenhagen – Easter Bunny

Stitched on 28ct antique white Cashel Linen. A special oval shape handmade ornament, sides of ornament finished with handmade crochet lace in rainbow.


Easter Chick Ornament

Stitched on 28ct. antique white Cashel Linen. Sides of ornament finished with handmade crochet lace in yellow.


Design from Shepherd’s Bush – March

Stitched on 28ct. light sand evenweave. A handmade cray button is stitched in this design.