♡My Craft Room♡

Have you wonder how I store my needlecraft items?


*Here’s how I usually store my ribbons, beads, and some finished packed items. I keep them in my top level of my cabinet in my Craft Room.


*Here’s where I usually work online, communicating to my worldwide customers, checking emails or adding  a new post in my blog here. By the way, yes! I love white color furnitures. Most of my craft room furnitures are in either white or white wash colors. I am a White color fan! (lol. but I do not know why usually most of my scanner printer and notebook are always in black color. ??)


*And here’s my “Craft /Stitching table”, and yes, it’s still in white color. I can easily see my floss colors and seed beads colors when stitching on a white color table. My stitching table is 140cm long by 60cm depth. So it’s in a larger size. I love to sit down and stitch on this table for long hours. Yes, I can’t stitch anywhere else. I just don’t know the reason why. I know many of you love to stitch sitting on a couch, but I just can’t. I will keep on making wrong stitches. – Anyway, the age of this table is 20 years old. I can’t imagine how many hours I have spend here just to complete my needlework. Before her, I had a grey color table but it was too small and too dark color for my taste so I got it change. 🙂


4 thoughts on “♡My Craft Room♡

    • Hi Dani, the photo only show one of my storage cabinet. I have another one that store some of my framed finished cross stitch projects, some collection of my cross stitch charts, dmc threads, kreinik metallic threads etc. Yes, if I don’t clear some of my unused items, I will end up having another storage cabinet in my room. But I have no room for one more.(LOL.) Thanks for your comment. Enjoy blogging!


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