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Closed From 22th-27th February 2015 On Chinese New Year!

Dear Ebay Customers:

Seow Stitchery will not be listing any ornaments from 22th-27th February 2015 during Chinese New Year holidays. Our next listing will be on 7th March 2015 onwards.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very happy Chinese New Year 2015.

*For some of you who wrote me questions regarding my Etsy shop, yes! my etsy shop is still open but there is no items listed there currently.  I will try my best to add in some new items in my etsy shop in the near future. I will post here once they get listed. Thank you for asking! I’ve been fingers busy these days. 🙂


NEW TIAG and Mirabilia “Elizabeth” Ornaments!

WIPs of Mirabilia Elizabeth Ornament Hanger


Stitched on dove grey linen. To make this little beauty a special one, I added in an upper arm bangle for this little beauty. Stitched the bangle with mill hill seed beads with the matcing color black jet.  Also Stitched with mill hill pony beads.


Borders stitched with blensing floss from dmc floss and kreinik blending filament. Gorgeous!

AVAILABLE ON 14th February 2015! Only In Ebay!

Mirabilia Elizabeth Ornament Hanger

*Stitched on dove grey 28ct. Cashel Linen. Center top with a special handmade ribbonbow with a light purple Lucite flower pin.




RARE! Told In A Garden Vintage Retired designFriendship Quilt Ornament Hanger

Starting Bid Only $20.99! Available in Ebay On 14th February too!

*Stitched on ivory 28ct. ivory Linen. All handmade and hand stitched. A handmade tassel is added at the center bottom of ornament.





Mirabilia Ornaments- “Scent Of Old Roses” and “Mediterranean Mermaid”

WIPs of both Mirabilia ornaments


Mirabilia Scent Of Old Roses – Stitched with 4 different colors of mill hill seed beads, dmc metallic floss and also Rainbow Gallery “Wisper” white W88 thread. She will be a beauty after completed stitching!


Done! Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 601 and kreinik metallic blending filament. What a Sweet looking face beauty!


Mirabilia Mediterranean Mermaid- Stitched with 4 different colors mill hill seed beads, kreinik metallic floss, 3 pieces of  Swarovski Crystal drops.


Almost done. Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 3808 and kreinik blending filament. Crown backstitched with dmc silver metallic floss. Body stitched with blending floss from dmc floss and kreinik metallic floss.


Available In Ebay On this Saturday 7th February 2015!

Mirabilia Scent Of Old Roses Ornament hanger

*Stitched on hand dyed watercress 28ct. Cashel Linen.




Mirabilia Mediterranean Mermaid Ornament hanger

*Stitched on hand dyed morning dew 28ct. Cashel Linen.




♡My Craft Room♡

Have you wonder how I store my needlecraft items?


*Here’s how I usually store my ribbons, beads, and some finished packed items. I keep them in my top level of my cabinet in my Craft Room.


*Here’s where I usually work online, communicating to my worldwide customers, checking emails or adding  a new post in my blog here. By the way, yes! I love white color furnitures. Most of my craft room furnitures are in either white or white wash colors. I am a White color fan! (lol. but I do not know why usually most of my scanner printer and notebook are always in black color. ??)


*And here’s my “Craft /Stitching table”, and yes, it’s still in white color. I can easily see my floss colors and seed beads colors when stitching on a white color table. My stitching table is 140cm long by 60cm depth. So it’s in a larger size. I love to sit down and stitch on this table for long hours. Yes, I can’t stitch anywhere else. I just don’t know the reason why. I know many of you love to stitch sitting on a couch, but I just can’t. I will keep on making wrong stitches. – Anyway, the age of this table is 20 years old. I can’t imagine how many hours I have spend here just to complete my needlework. Before her, I had a grey color table but it was too small and too dark color for my taste so I got it change. 🙂

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