New Mirabilia Ornament Hangers!

I have been working on two Mirabila small motif designs in the past week. So these are the two ornament hangers that I created at the few last days in 2014. I have always wanted to cross stitch Mirabilia Cinderella. However, I gave up the idea since I knew there were too much beading work in the design. But I knew it was a beauty! I got the design chart a year ago and was waiting for a chance to cross stitch her when I have more free time. So before Christmas time, I picked up all the dmc color floss, mill hill seed beads and the Swarovski crystals. I started cross stitching her on 22th December. Other than this design, I also stitch other designs along. Let’s look at the WIPs of Mirabilia Cinderella.



WOW! A total of approximately 270 plus mill hill seed beads and 19 pieces of Black diamond Swarovski crystals are stitched in this design. At the end of the day making her, my eyes and fingers were tired! Borders are stitched with blending floss from dmc 317 and Kreinik #044 metallic blending filament.

Also I cross stitched another Mirabilia design. It’s Shimmering Mermaid. She is my first mermaid in small motif design. Below are the WIPs of Shimmering Mermaid.


Most of the mill hill beads stitched in this design are in petite sizes.


I love her expression.


Available in Ebay on Saturday, 3rd January 2015 !!

Mirabilia Cinderella Ornament Hanger

*Stitched on dove grey 28ct. cashel linen.




Mirabilia Shimmering Mermaid Ornament Hanger

*Stitched on special hand-dyed 28ct. cashel linen





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