Brand New Day, Brand New Year. Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

2014 is over. Welcome 2015! It’s our brand new day and a brand new year ahead of us. May I wish you all A Very Happy New Year!!

This year, I will still mainly focusing making ornaments hangers. More on Mirabilia designs and some other wonderful designs. Most of them will be listed in ebay. I know many of you are enjoying yourself during this holidays at this very special time of the year. Me too! But I have not forgotten most of the 2014 cross stitch special preorders. I have actually managed to complete most of them. I have also shipped most of the preordered ornaments. Just two days ago, I have also completed my “Halloween Pumpkin” completed cross stitch piece. I have been working on this design two months ago. Now finally it’s completed. Earlier than my expected date -by end of January 2015. Here is it, designed by Sharon Pope. Enjoy the pictures.




(*Wrong Side Of linen fabric.)





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