New Mirabilia Ornament on Sunday 7th December

I have completed a mirabilia ornament hanger this week. And I am now currently making another mirabilia design. Started on Tuesday, here is the mirabilia design “The Forest Goddess”. Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel linen.


This design required lots of different Mill Hill beads and crystal treasures. Also, this is the first time I am using bugle beads to stitch in a cross stitch design. Indeed an interesting try! Also I stitched with two flower crystal treasures on her hair. She’s a beautiful goddess!


DONE! Borders are stitched with blending floss from kreinik blending filament and dmc 3777. Also besides cross stitching with dmc floss, this design also stitched with dmc gold metallic floss.  Now I will create this cross stitch piece into an ornament.

Available on 7th December 2014 in ebay!

Mirabilia “The Forest Goddess” ornament hanger

(*Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel linen)








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