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Brand New Day, Brand New Year. Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

2014 is over. Welcome 2015! It’s our brand new day and a brand new year ahead of us. May I wish you all A Very Happy New Year!!

This year, I will still mainly focusing making ornaments hangers. More on Mirabilia designs and some other wonderful designs. Most of them will be listed in ebay. I know many of you are enjoying yourself during this holidays at this very special time of the year. Me too! But I have not forgotten most of the 2014 cross stitch special preorders. I have actually managed to complete most of them. I have also shipped most of the preordered ornaments. Just two days ago, I have also completed my “Halloween Pumpkin” completed cross stitch piece. I have been working on this design two months ago. Now finally it’s completed. Earlier than my expected date -by end of January 2015. Here is it, designed by Sharon Pope. Enjoy the pictures.




(*Wrong Side Of linen fabric.)





New Mirabilia Winter Queen Ornament!!

WIPs of Mirabilia Winter Queen Ornament:


“I want to stitch a mirabilia winter theme cross stitch design for my next new ornament.” This is the sentence that came into my mind when Christmas 2014 was getting close. Therefore, I picked on one of mirabilia’s winter theme design “Winter Queen” and create it into a small motif design. In the four season queen series, I only managed to create the Winter queen into a small motif design. But I promised this will not be the only queen that I will create it into an ornament. I used up lots of mill hill seed beads on her crown. But that was Beautiful! Also I stitched with Rainbow Gallery Wisper White W88 floss on her dress. It added a fur effect on her white collar. This is also something special on her. She took me 2 days to cross stitch. On the third day, I stitched the sides and crochet knit the sides of ornament. Now, Let’s get a closer look on the completed piece I cross stitched.


I cross stitched the border with blending floss from dmc 414 and kreinik blending filament #044.


Mirabilia -Winter Queen Ornament 

Available On ebay 27th December 2014 Saturday!

(*Stitched on special hand-dyed 28ct Cashel Linen.)

Top with a special handmade ribbon bow.




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Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year!!


Seow Stitchery Wish All A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New YEAR !!!

Thank You For All Your Love and Continuous Support In My Needlecraft Work Creation In The Year 2014! I look forward to see you again soon in the year 2015. Enjoy every moments in this very special time of the year!

~Warmest Regards, TAN. 23th December 2014

New Mirabilia Ornament on 20th December 2014!

I will be listing a new mirabilia ornament hanger on this coming Saturday 20/12/2014.

WIPs of Mirabilia August Peridot Fairy

*Stitched on stoney point 28ct. cashel linen.


Stitched with lots of mill hill seed beads and a metallic flower bead.


Almost Done! I stitched the borders with blending floss from dmc 939 and kreinik metallic blending filament.

Available on this coming Saturday!

Mirabilia August Peridot Fairy Ornament hanger

(Stitched on stoney point 28ct. cashel linen)




No Shipment from 17th-26th December 2014

Dear customers of Seow Stitchery, my location’s local post office will be close from 17th -26th December 2014. Therefore, there will be no shipment after 17th December 2014. If you currently purchased your ornament with me and decided to make your payment after 16th December 2014, please note that I will only be able to ship your item after the post office re-open on 27th December 2014. Thank you for your kindness understanding.

New Mirabilia Ornament on Sunday 7th December

I have completed a mirabilia ornament hanger this week. And I am now currently making another mirabilia design. Started on Tuesday, here is the mirabilia design “The Forest Goddess”. Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel linen.


This design required lots of different Mill Hill beads and crystal treasures. Also, this is the first time I am using bugle beads to stitch in a cross stitch design. Indeed an interesting try! Also I stitched with two flower crystal treasures on her hair. She’s a beautiful goddess!


DONE! Borders are stitched with blending floss from kreinik blending filament and dmc 3777. Also besides cross stitching with dmc floss, this design also stitched with dmc gold metallic floss.  Now I will create this cross stitch piece into an ornament.

Available on 7th December 2014 in ebay!

Mirabilia “The Forest Goddess” ornament hanger

(*Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel linen)







No Preorders From Now till 28th December 2014.

Notice: Seow Stitchery will not be taking in any extra special preorders from now till 28th December 2014. I will like to thank some of you who send in your request to place a special preorder with me now. I will only be able to contact you regarding your preorder details after 28th December 2014. I have quite a number of special preorders now that required some time to get them completed and send them to some of my customers. Therefore, even if I take in your special preorders now, I will not be able to complete the cross stitch piece before Christmas time. They will not be ready by Christmas time. I appreciate your kind understandings. I welcome all preorders after 28th December 2014.