Mirabilia Ornaments In Ebay 30th November

I have been cross stitching two new small motif designs from Mirabilia this week. Also I stitched along with some of my other special preorders. I finally made the two Mirabilia cross stitch piece into ornament hangers today. They are two very new designs from Mirabilia.


Mirabilia – Red

Started working on this design on sunday, 23th November. I choose a dove grey cashel linen to stitch this design.


Finally completed cross stitching the design on tuesday late night. Estimated about over 180 mill hill seed beads and 19 pieces of Swarovski Crystal drops are stitched in this design. This is a real amazing design and with addition of these special materials, I expect the ornament hanger will turn out to be a real beauty! It did not disappoint me. 🙂 (please kindly view the ornament hangers pictures below.)

On Wednesday, 26th November, I started cross stitching another Mirabilia design. This is also one of the latest design released not very long ago. She did not catch my attention when she was first released last year in December 2013. This beautiful lady had a red apple holding in one of her hand. If I would to draw this design into a small motif, her hand will be cut off in my small design. No More Red Apple! Well, hmmm…still as beautiful but as I mentioned, no more red apple. (lol.) Okay, but I still love her special light skin color tone with her long black color hair. You cannot find many Mirabilia designs with such a special face detail. So Why Not make her into an ornament hanger? So I started my project.


Mirabilia – Biancabella

Started cross stitching her on Wednesday morning time. WOW!! Look at her thick Black eyelashes. They match well with her black hair. With the very light skin color….isn’t she “snow white”?? Estimated with over 180 mill hill seed beads and a total of 26 pieces of acrylic crystal drops. Below is the story of this design from Mirabilia design.

~In honor of her mother who stitched in the palace orchard, Biancabella visits the place where her mother once pricked her finger and made a wish. Her heart’s desire was to be granted a lovely daughter with skin as white as the fragrant snowdrops at her feet, hair as black as the friendly raven who perched above, and lips as red as the crisp apples that hung from the branches around her.

Dressed to celebrate her birthday in a stunning
robin’s egg blue gown trimmed with royal purple and embellished with fine ribbons and lace, she holds the last apple of the season aloft, admiring its succulent scent, wondering if it possesses the power to bring her a true love in spring.~

These Two Mirabilia Ornament Hangers will be listed in ebay on sunday, 30th November 2014.

Mirabilia – Red

  • Stitched on dove grey 28ct. Cashel Linen
  • Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 3831 and kreinik blending filament.




Mirabilia – Biancabella

  • Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel Linen
  • Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 3809 and kreinik blending filament.







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