Similar ornaments in ebay?Is that from Seow Stitchery too??

I received an email asking me a question regarding some similar ornaments selling in ebay.

Question: “Hi Tan, I saw a very similar ornament in ebay like one of them you are selling. It had a crochet lace at sides of ornament too. Do you sell with other IDs? thanks. – Anette

Answer: Hi Anette, thank you for writing to me about your question. NO NO NO! I do not sell with another ebay IDs in ebay. I have only one account with ebay, my ID is “seow_stitchery“. Thank you for letting me know someone else is making a similar ornament like mine and selling it in ebay. I have been selling in ebay since 1999. It’s always a sad moment to see some other stitchers copying someone else work and claim they are the person who create them. I cannot stop them from copying my creation. It happens again and again all these years. I will try to indicate a note in my next ebay listing about this issue. I am the first stitcher to create handmade crochet ornament in ebay. My crochet lace is very different from others. They cannot crochet knit the same design like mine. Because I design the lace pattern myself to fit into my ornaments. I don’t follow the crochet patterns from reference books.  But NO, I do not have patent and copyrights in my creations. They are no right or wrong issue in this matter and I cannot control them. I can’t stop them from copying my work. But I myself, respect other’s creation and I hope other stitchers will respect my creation too.

-“You don’t take pride in your needlecraft work if you are copying exactly the same as another stitcher’s work. It’s not your creation, after all you are copying other’s.”  — TAN.

Anette’s reply:  “Thanks Tan! I thought you are also selling with another ID too. I think you make the most beautiful ornaments compare to the other sellers. The ornament is similar to yours but looking at the pictures closely again, yours are gorgeous! I still prefer over your cross stitch work. For my mirabilia preorder, you really don’t have to rush my order, I can wait! Thank you for making the ornaments. Have a nice day too.  -Anette


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