Work In Progress for new Ornaments!

My Latest WIPs of new ornaments for this week.

New packets of Mill Hill beads and Crystal Treasures for a newest Latest Mirabilia Design – “At The Met”.



I started working on her early this week. She is a “JUST Released” design from Mirabilia. I am so so excited to started stitching her. However, some kreinik metallic threads and lots of mill hill beads and crystal treasures are required for this special design. I managed to ask my supplier to get me the materials ready in hand. So they arrived at my working/stitching room early on Monday morning. And I can’t wait to stitch her! My fingers are itchy! LOL.


YES!!! finally she is about to complete stitching , just a few beads left need to be stitch in.  WOW! I love her proud and elegant look. I have yet seen any completed cross stitch photos of her in online stitchers’ blogs. Maybe…I’m the first to make her?? Who Knows? But I’m sure that I’m the first stitcher to make her into a small motif design for my special ornament. Borders are stitched with blending floss of kreinik blendling filament and dmc 924, also stitched with 2 pieces of mill hill seed beads at corners of  four borders.

Also, I cross stitched another Mirabilia design this week. It’s Mid-summer night fairy. I have always wanted to stitch her but I just don’t know why I just kept the materials at one side of my large table. And I almost forget about the materials package of this design. Finally, on Wednesday night I saw the package of materials. And I said “Oh! I have forgotten about you dear!” So it’s time to stitch her.



Almost done! A little backstitching to complete this design. I spent most time cross stitching slowly on her wings part. It’s because they are stitched with blending floss with dmc and kreinik blending filament. Her wings have a gorgeous glittering effect. It’s hard to see the glittering effect in photos. In the real person, her wings sparkle !! WOW! She is a beauty fairy! One mirabilia design that I love a lot. I stitched the borders with blending floss of dmc 791 with kreinik blending filament 044. So, your next questions will probably be “Will they be make into ornament hangers?”. Yes! Of course.

Do check out my new post here in my blog on the new batch of ornaments listed in ebay on this coming sunday tomorrow. Till I update the pictures here tomorrow. See you again.



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