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Mirabilia Ornaments In Ebay 30th November

I have been cross stitching two new small motif designs from Mirabilia this week. Also I stitched along with some of my other special preorders. I finally made the two Mirabilia cross stitch piece into ornament hangers today. They are two very new designs from Mirabilia.


Mirabilia – Red

Started working on this design on sunday, 23th November. I choose a dove grey cashel linen to stitch this design.


Finally completed cross stitching the design on tuesday late night. Estimated about over 180 mill hill seed beads and 19 pieces of Swarovski Crystal drops are stitched in this design. This is a real amazing design and with addition of these special materials, I expect the ornament hanger will turn out to be a real beauty! It did not disappoint me. 🙂 (please kindly view the ornament hangers pictures below.)

On Wednesday, 26th November, I started cross stitching another Mirabilia design. This is also one of the latest design released not very long ago. She did not catch my attention when she was first released last year in December 2013. This beautiful lady had a red apple holding in one of her hand. If I would to draw this design into a small motif, her hand will be cut off in my small design. No More Red Apple! Well, hmmm…still as beautiful but as I mentioned, no more red apple. (lol.) Okay, but I still love her special light skin color tone with her long black color hair. You cannot find many Mirabilia designs with such a special face detail. So Why Not make her into an ornament hanger? So I started my project.


Mirabilia – Biancabella

Started cross stitching her on Wednesday morning time. WOW!! Look at her thick Black eyelashes. They match well with her black hair. With the very light skin color….isn’t she “snow white”?? Estimated with over 180 mill hill seed beads and a total of 26 pieces of acrylic crystal drops. Below is the story of this design from Mirabilia design.

~In honor of her mother who stitched in the palace orchard, Biancabella visits the place where her mother once pricked her finger and made a wish. Her heart’s desire was to be granted a lovely daughter with skin as white as the fragrant snowdrops at her feet, hair as black as the friendly raven who perched above, and lips as red as the crisp apples that hung from the branches around her.

Dressed to celebrate her birthday in a stunning
robin’s egg blue gown trimmed with royal purple and embellished with fine ribbons and lace, she holds the last apple of the season aloft, admiring its succulent scent, wondering if it possesses the power to bring her a true love in spring.~

These Two Mirabilia Ornament Hangers will be listed in ebay on sunday, 30th November 2014.

Mirabilia – Red

  • Stitched on dove grey 28ct. Cashel Linen
  • Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 3831 and kreinik blending filament.




Mirabilia – Biancabella

  • Stitched on flax 28ct. Cashel Linen
  • Borders stitched with blending floss from dmc 3809 and kreinik blending filament.







Special Preorder Ornaments Pictures

** Just A little Note to some of you who write to me regarding ‘Cat behind pumpkin’ ornament. This ornament is a special preorder from one of my customer. Ornament is SOLD OUT. I welcome preorders. If you would like to purchase another one, please kindly contact me here. Thank you so much! 🙂

Finished Completed Special Preorder Ornaments for my customer.

(*For some customers who placed a preorder with me, I am currently working on your preorders. I will try my best to complete your special preorder ornaments and ship them out within the estimated date of completion. Sorry for the delay and Thank you so much for waiting!)


Cat Behind Pumpkin Ornament hanger (SOLD OUT)

  • stitched on raw 28ct. Cashel linen




Merry Christmas Dog ornament (SOLD OUT)

  • Stitched on aqua 28ct Cashel Linen



Similar ornaments in ebay?Is that from Seow Stitchery too??

I received an email asking me a question regarding some similar ornaments selling in ebay.

Question: “Hi Tan, I saw a very similar ornament in ebay like one of them you are selling. It had a crochet lace at sides of ornament too. Do you sell with other IDs? thanks. – Anette

Answer: Hi Anette, thank you for writing to me about your question. NO NO NO! I do not sell with another ebay IDs in ebay. I have only one account with ebay, my ID is “seow_stitchery“. Thank you for letting me know someone else is making a similar ornament like mine and selling it in ebay. I have been selling in ebay since 1999. It’s always a sad moment to see some other stitchers copying someone else work and claim they are the person who create them. I cannot stop them from copying my creation. It happens again and again all these years. I will try to indicate a note in my next ebay listing about this issue. I am the first stitcher to create handmade crochet ornament in ebay. My crochet lace is very different from others. They cannot crochet knit the same design like mine. Because I design the lace pattern myself to fit into my ornaments. I don’t follow the crochet patterns from reference books.  But NO, I do not have patent and copyrights in my creations. They are no right or wrong issue in this matter and I cannot control them. I can’t stop them from copying my work. But I myself, respect other’s creation and I hope other stitchers will respect my creation too.

-“You don’t take pride in your needlecraft work if you are copying exactly the same as another stitcher’s work. It’s not your creation, after all you are copying other’s.”  — TAN.

Anette’s reply:  “Thanks Tan! I thought you are also selling with another ID too. I think you make the most beautiful ornaments compare to the other sellers. The ornament is similar to yours but looking at the pictures closely again, yours are gorgeous! I still prefer over your cross stitch work. For my mirabilia preorder, you really don’t have to rush my order, I can wait! Thank you for making the ornaments. Have a nice day too.  -Anette

Latest WIPs of Mirabilia Ornament hanger


LADY Hera -Stitched on dove grey 28ct. Cashel Linen

I started cross stitching Mirabilia Lady Hera small motif design on Monday evening. I have been waiting for the mail package from my supplier for my new order for the Swarovski crystal drops. The package didn’t arrive me on last Friday, it arrived on Monday morning instead.  The crystals were beautiful. If you were a fan of mirabilia cross stitch design, you will probably know most of MD designs include lots of stitching with the seed beads and crystal drops. For some colors and sizes, it is a real pain to search for them. Unless you have a good cross stitch supplier nearby your location who carry most of Mill Hill items, otherwise you may never find them and ended up giving up the idea to cross stitch your mirabilia design. Lady Hera is one of these Mirabilia designs that required many crystal drops. I love to stitch her but almost give up the idea because I can’t find the right color crystal drops to make her necklace.  The crystal colors include fushia, light rose and topaz. However, I am lucky enough to have a good supplier that could provide me with a special service to special order in a batch of Swarovski crystal drops instead. THANK YOU Mary!! (*if you are reading my post now) 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for being very kind! I appreciate it. You have help me a lot!!


It took me about 3 days to cross stitch her. I stitched the border with blending floss from kreinik blending filament and dmc 3803.  The Swarovski crystal drops fit in nicely! They are beautiful! And…they sparkle! I do think cross stitching this design on a grey color linen was a good choice. This design with the light grey background color came out perfect.

I made a special ribbon bow for this ornament hanger. Added a deep red rose color ribbon rose in the center. So here is the final result.


Lady Hera Completed cross stitch Ornament hanger

(Available in ebay on 23th November Sunday onwards!)

(*Stitched on dove grey 28ct. linen)




4 Ornaments listed in Ebay 16th November

I will be listing 4 new ornaments in ebay this sunday. Check them out in my ebay auction this sunday onwards.

Here are the ornaments.

Mirabilia – At The Met (from the Latest Released design)

*Stitched on sand 28ct. Belfast Linen.






Mirabilia- Midsummer Night’s Fairy

*Stitched on stoney point 28ct. Cashel Linen.




(The rest below are stitched on 28ct. jobelan evenweave.)

Lizzie Kate- Merry Christmas


Lizzie Kate- NOEL


Work In Progress for new Ornaments!

My Latest WIPs of new ornaments for this week.

New packets of Mill Hill beads and Crystal Treasures for a newest Latest Mirabilia Design – “At The Met”.



I started working on her early this week. She is a “JUST Released” design from Mirabilia. I am so so excited to started stitching her. However, some kreinik metallic threads and lots of mill hill beads and crystal treasures are required for this special design. I managed to ask my supplier to get me the materials ready in hand. So they arrived at my working/stitching room early on Monday morning. And I can’t wait to stitch her! My fingers are itchy! LOL.


YES!!! finally she is about to complete stitching , just a few beads left need to be stitch in.  WOW! I love her proud and elegant look. I have yet seen any completed cross stitch photos of her in online stitchers’ blogs. Maybe…I’m the first to make her?? Who Knows? But I’m sure that I’m the first stitcher to make her into a small motif design for my special ornament. Borders are stitched with blending floss of kreinik blendling filament and dmc 924, also stitched with 2 pieces of mill hill seed beads at corners of  four borders.

Also, I cross stitched another Mirabilia design this week. It’s Mid-summer night fairy. I have always wanted to stitch her but I just don’t know why I just kept the materials at one side of my large table. And I almost forget about the materials package of this design. Finally, on Wednesday night I saw the package of materials. And I said “Oh! I have forgotten about you dear!” So it’s time to stitch her.



Almost done! A little backstitching to complete this design. I spent most time cross stitching slowly on her wings part. It’s because they are stitched with blending floss with dmc and kreinik blending filament. Her wings have a gorgeous glittering effect. It’s hard to see the glittering effect in photos. In the real person, her wings sparkle !! WOW! She is a beauty fairy! One mirabilia design that I love a lot. I stitched the borders with blending floss of dmc 791 with kreinik blending filament 044. So, your next questions will probably be “Will they be make into ornament hangers?”. Yes! Of course.

Do check out my new post here in my blog on the new batch of ornaments listed in ebay on this coming sunday tomorrow. Till I update the pictures here tomorrow. See you again.


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