My WIPs of Preorder

Hello and Hi to all my visitors and followers. It’s been a very busy week for me and that was probably the reason why it took me a few days to update my blog here.

Well, I received a few preorders recently from some of you. I’ve got 3 ornament preorders on Mirabilia designs, 1 large design on All Our Yesterdays design and 1 on a large fully covered design from Sharon Pope. So I have to work on these preorders these days. Actually I have completed one Mirabilia design already, so left 2 more to go. Started my All Our Yesterdays design 2 days ago too. Also, I placed my orders for the materials from my supplier for another preorder from Sharon Pope’s design. The materials will be delivered here next week. So, it’s been busy days for me but yes..I love getting  I know this is not the period to be free. 🙂

~ A Big “THANK YOU” to all of you who has placed a preorder with me. Thank you for your trust and your kind understanding to give me enough time to stitch these preorders for you! I really appreciate it.

Okay, now let’s get started on my WIPs of the week.

I started cross stitching my second Mirabilia Preorder today. I’m done with the first one. Yay!


Okay, now let’s take a look at my WIPs of another two designs I stitched along.


YES! SCREAM Out loud!! It’s the design from Mirabilia “Queen Mariposa”. Everyone love her elegant look. I am so so in love with her too! This design released not long ago and I think I got the chart at the right time. She can’t be miss out in my stitching list. Now here she is.  Stitched on Autumn Blush 28 ct. cashel linen.

But again, there are lots of hard work to stitch in the beads. But I won’t give up!


Done with Mill Hill beads, kreinik metallic floss and I choose to stitch the border with Kreinik metallic blending filament and DMC 902.

Oh I almost forget there are also 3 pieces of Mill Hill Treasure crystal drop attached on her. She is too beautiful!


Almost done. Last few stitches on border. Yay!


Okay, I also stitched along another larger All Our Yesterdays design “Castles In The Sand”. I Love the design. Both are completed stitching. The next step, I’m going to make them into ornaments. I will update the final look in next two days. You can find them in my ebay auctions this sunday.

I hope you enjoy your visit here today! Stay happy and enjoy your day!



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