Working on Mirabilia Again!

I have been drawing a number of MD small motif charts that I plan to stitch them in near future. Busy Busy and Busy stitching. I can’t stop stitching MD designs. I’m addicted to cross stitching these beautiful ladies. LOL. I have actually been working on MD “Lady Alexandra” this few days. When I first saw the release of this design, I said “I don’t enjoy her dress colors, it’s dull!” So I have never thought of stitching her. However, I change my decision when I saw a completed cross stitch picture of her from a blogger / stitcher. She did a change in her dress color. She change the yellow dress to red color. WOW! She appeared elegant in her red dress! I love her from the first minute. Okay so I decided to change her dress color. But that was not all I did. I still find the ribbon color to be too dark for her red dress. So guess what? I did a change in the ribbon color too. Also I change some of the seed beads colors. So here is my conversion of “Lady Alexandra” in RED! enjoy!

W.I.P -Mirabilia “Lady Alexandra” in Red dress and yellow ribbon

(*Stitched on special hand dyed Aqua 28ct Cashel Linen)



I choose blending floss from Kreinik blending filament with DMC 3768 to match with the fabric color. It gave a glittering effect on the border. I also change the seed beads color to red to match with her dress color. It’s interesting stitching Lady Alexandra with another color version. If you love Mirabilia designs, perhaps this can give you some idea on another color conversion. 🙂

Next, I’ll like to show you another MD design that I stitched this week. It’s “Crystal Symphony”. Talking about this design, I really had a hard time dealing with the “beading work”!!! I do not know there were so many beading works require for this design. I thought she was beautiful so I decided to stitch her. Was it a big mistake that I picked her up to stitch?? Not Really! When you view her pictures, you’ll probably know the reason why.

W.I.P. -Mirabilia “Crystal Symphony”

(*Stitched on special hand dyed Provence 28ct. Cashel Linen)


I used up lots of Mill Hill seed beads and Toho seed beads making her. Her border was stitched with blending floss from Kreinik blending filament and DMC 939.

NOW They are all completed stitching! So I make them into ornaments.


I will be using White Silver glitter crochet yarns to knit and stitch the sides of the ornament. Almost..yes..almost done! Yay!

More updates of these two ornaments To Be Continue On Friday…


~*Mill Hill Beads Collection For Most Of My Mirabilia Designs! LOVE THEM!!*~



~*My Collection Of Cotton Fabric – For All Of My Handmade Ornaments!! *~





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