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7 Ornaments in Ebay On This Sunday!

I took a week rest from listing in ebay during this Halloween season. However, I am still working on some of my ornaments. Yes, new batch of ornaments for winter and Christmas , and also not to forget our lovely Mirabilia designs. So let’s get started and see what are the designs I’m cross stitching.

WIPs Of The Week: 

Mirabilia – Villa Mirabilia

Stitched on 28ct. ivory Belfast Linen


Stitched with two colors of Mill Hill seed beads.


Another gorgeous lady from Mirabilia! Necklace between beads stitched with kreinik gold cording floss. Border stitched with blending floss from kreinik blending filament and DMC 550. Gorgeous glittering effect on the border.

Mirabilia- Christmas Flourishes

Stitched on 28ct. ivory Belfast Linen


And… lot of beads from seed beads to large pony beads. All from Mill Hill. Awesome!!


Oh! I LOVE her! She is indeed a Christmas Queen! A design just perfect for this coming Christmas! This design consist a lot of different tones of dmc colors. I keep changing different dmc color floss when I was cross stitching the flowers on her head. She is not a easy design to stitch. Took me about 3 days stitching her. Some backstitching on her hair stitched with kreinik gold metallic cording. Border corners stitched with red metallic floss from dmc, sides of border stitched with DMC902.

Okay let’s see the final result!


*Mirabilia- Christmas Flourishes  Ornament Hanger

(Attached with a special handmade ribbon bow in the top center of the ornament hanger. Center of the ribbon bow is stitched with a fake AB diamond bead. )




*Mirabilia- Villa Mirabilia Ornament Hanger




These 2 Mirabilia ornament hangers will be listed in my ebay auction this sunday 2nd November 2014. Do Check them out!


Also, there will be 4 other ornaments listed. Here they are:

*Ladybug Lane designs – Plaid Greetings


*All Our Yesterdays – Snow Fun


P1070078       P1070071

*Shepherds Bush- (left-hand side: A Winter Sheep ;   right-hand side: Christmas JOY


*For those of you who send in your special preorders request, I apologise that I will be holding on to some of your preorders during this special period just before the Christmas month. Your WIPs preorders will only be updated here in my blog after the end of November 2014. I will be very busy during these few weeks making Christmas and winter theme ornament hangers. I am very sorry about the delay in updating your preorder. However, I will try my best to get everything done before the estimated date of completion. Thank you so so much for waiting! I appreciate your business. ~~TAN.


7 Ornaments Listed In Ebay On 19th October


“Just a little note to my dear followers and customers. I will not be listing any ornaments for sale in the last week of October. Therefore No listing in the next Sunday 26th October (it’s the Halloween week). However, I am still available so if you wish to contact me during this period, no problems. So my next round of ebay listings will be on 2nd November.”

Okay I have been busy this week. I was held up by a project. It took me 4 days to make the ornament. Oh my gosh! It’s the small motif design from Mirabilia Athena Goddess of Wisdom. I knew this is the worst design with so so many beading works required. BUT…as I have said before I love getting myself fingers busy. And I want to challenge myself on this particular design. And I really love Athena from the start. So I gave it a try. My goodness!! It’s … just a tough project! Let me warn you….if you hate beading work, Don’t Ever Try this project! I have it done but it was a real difficult one. I have to stay calm and take small breaks when I was working on this project. And not to mention, mine was just a small motif design from my own creation. I can’t imagine those who cross stitch the large project. Well, perhaps you may have tried it before. Maybe, I’m just lacking of some more patience. LOL. When  I was cross stitching  Crystal Symphony the other time, I  took two breaks in between. This round I took numberous. When it was finally done, I went back and counted the beads. Around 400 plus. Not counting the crystal drops yet. No wonder  I hardly see this finished completed cross stitch project piece in ebay or etsy. Anyway, I have done it! YAY!!! 🙂


This picture has now become my best part of memory of making her… Stitched on 28 count special hand dyed misty sky Belfast Linen.



Finally Done!! I even specially made a ribbon bow for this special ornament. I stitched the borders with blending kreinik blending filament and DMC 939 floss, also with some mixtures of mill hill beads. Gorgeous Glittering effect on her! She will be available in my ebay auction on this coming sunday. And yes, she will be expensive! Because she is too difficult to make and too hard to find! Check her out in my ebay auction on sunday onwards if you are interested getting her from me. Don’t Miss her.

The Other 6 ornaments are:

P1060972     P1060992a

Lizzie Kate- Thankful Sampler                                             Brittercup designs- Get Into The Spirit

P1060981     JN3

The Drawn Thread- Spot Of Winter (with snowflake charm)  ;  Just Nan- Holly Bows

P2     P5

Lavender & Lace- LOVE Angel                                              Lavender & Lace- JOY Angel


♥♥♥ MY Special PreOrders WIPs ♥♥♥

Okay, some of you requested me to show you the picture of the design from Sharon Pope that I mentioned the other day that I will be cross stitching it. This design was a special preorder. I have actually started stitching a part of the design already. So here is the picture of the project.

Donna-Halloween Pumpkin A HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN by Sharon Pope


*Stitched on special hand dyed misty mid-night blue 28ct. Cashel Linen. I will rate this as an ‘advance stitcher project’. There is not so much special stitches maybe…just few couching stitches. But the design is almost covered full with also borders need to be stitch. I do think this is an awesome design to stitch. It does need a long time to cross stitch. But I do enjoy myself stitching it. Perhaps, you may be interested to stitch this too? Oh yes, I have also completed making my two preorders ornaments from Mirabilia designs.

Here they are:



Ornaments In My Ebay Auction On 12th October

Here is an update of the final look of the Mirabilia Queen Mariposa ornament and All Our Yesterdays Castles In The Sand Ornament. Both of them will be listed tomorrow in my ebay auction. Check them out if you are interested in getting them from me. 🙂

Mirabilia~ Queen Mariposa ornament hanger

  • Stitched on Autumn blush 28ct. Cashel linen.
  • Stitched with lots of mill hill beads, 3 pieces of Swarovski crystal drops and kreinik metallic floss.


All Our Yesterdays~ Castles In The Sand  ornament hanger (Larger Size Ornament)

  • Stitched on white 28ct. jobelan evenweave


Lavender And Lace~ Angel Of Freedom

    • Stitched on natural 30ct. Wichelt  Linen


Also, there will be another ornament from All Our Yesterday -Girl and teddy bear.



My WIPs of Preorder

Hello and Hi to all my visitors and followers. It’s been a very busy week for me and that was probably the reason why it took me a few days to update my blog here.

Well, I received a few preorders recently from some of you. I’ve got 3 ornament preorders on Mirabilia designs, 1 large design on All Our Yesterdays design and 1 on a large fully covered design from Sharon Pope. So I have to work on these preorders these days. Actually I have completed one Mirabilia design already, so left 2 more to go. Started my All Our Yesterdays design 2 days ago too. Also, I placed my orders for the materials from my supplier for another preorder from Sharon Pope’s design. The materials will be delivered here next week. So, it’s been busy days for me but yes..I love getting  I know this is not the period to be free. 🙂

~ A Big “THANK YOU” to all of you who has placed a preorder with me. Thank you for your trust and your kind understanding to give me enough time to stitch these preorders for you! I really appreciate it.

Okay, now let’s get started on my WIPs of the week.

I started cross stitching my second Mirabilia Preorder today. I’m done with the first one. Yay!


Okay, now let’s take a look at my WIPs of another two designs I stitched along.


YES! SCREAM Out loud!! It’s the design from Mirabilia “Queen Mariposa”. Everyone love her elegant look. I am so so in love with her too! This design released not long ago and I think I got the chart at the right time. She can’t be miss out in my stitching list. Now here she is.  Stitched on Autumn Blush 28 ct. cashel linen.

But again, there are lots of hard work to stitch in the beads. But I won’t give up!


Done with Mill Hill beads, kreinik metallic floss and I choose to stitch the border with Kreinik metallic blending filament and DMC 902.

Oh I almost forget there are also 3 pieces of Mill Hill Treasure crystal drop attached on her. She is too beautiful!


Almost done. Last few stitches on border. Yay!


Okay, I also stitched along another larger All Our Yesterdays design “Castles In The Sand”. I Love the design. Both are completed stitching. The next step, I’m going to make them into ornaments. I will update the final look in next two days. You can find them in my ebay auctions this sunday.

I hope you enjoy your visit here today! Stay happy and enjoy your day!


6 Ornaments in ebay on 5th October

I will be listing 6 handmade ornaments in this coming sunday in ebay.

Before I show you the ornaments, I’ll like to show you a new Nora Corbett design from Bewitching Pixies -Mari. This design has just released in the market. And I managed to pick the chart up. I started to draft it into a small motif design for my ornament. I cross stitched it and create it into an ornament.

WIPs of Bewitching Pixies- Mari


From the first moment I saw this design from Nora Corbett, I love her. I love the way the owl rest on her hand. It’s an awesome design to stitch in the last few days of September whereby Halloween is not far away. Apart from this design, Nora also created a few other Bewitching Pixies series. However, I fell in love with Mari and Ana. I think they are more beautiful compared to the others. What a great design she has created. Love them all!

 The 6 ornaments Are:


Mirabilia -Crystal Symphony  (*stitched on hand dyed provence 28ct. cashel linen)


Mirabilia -Lady Alexandra (in red and yellow conversion)   (*stitched on hand dyed aqua 28ct. cashel linen)


Nora Corbett -Bewitching Pixies “Mari”  (*stitched on hand dyed chocolate 28ct. cashel linen)



AOY2      P1060478

(Left side- All Our Yesterdays – Reflections ; Right side- Shepherd’s Bush – Scatter Pumpkins)



SPECIAL SALE! $16.99 Only!

Lizzie Kate – Fright Night (Halloween design)


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Working on Mirabilia Again!

I have been drawing a number of MD small motif charts that I plan to stitch them in near future. Busy Busy and Busy stitching. I can’t stop stitching MD designs. I’m addicted to cross stitching these beautiful ladies. LOL. I have actually been working on MD “Lady Alexandra” this few days. When I first saw the release of this design, I said “I don’t enjoy her dress colors, it’s dull!” So I have never thought of stitching her. However, I change my decision when I saw a completed cross stitch picture of her from a blogger / stitcher. She did a change in her dress color. She change the yellow dress to red color. WOW! She appeared elegant in her red dress! I love her from the first minute. Okay so I decided to change her dress color. But that was not all I did. I still find the ribbon color to be too dark for her red dress. So guess what? I did a change in the ribbon color too. Also I change some of the seed beads colors. So here is my conversion of “Lady Alexandra” in RED! enjoy!

W.I.P -Mirabilia “Lady Alexandra” in Red dress and yellow ribbon

(*Stitched on special hand dyed Aqua 28ct Cashel Linen)



I choose blending floss from Kreinik blending filament with DMC 3768 to match with the fabric color. It gave a glittering effect on the border. I also change the seed beads color to red to match with her dress color. It’s interesting stitching Lady Alexandra with another color version. If you love Mirabilia designs, perhaps this can give you some idea on another color conversion. 🙂

Next, I’ll like to show you another MD design that I stitched this week. It’s “Crystal Symphony”. Talking about this design, I really had a hard time dealing with the “beading work”!!! I do not know there were so many beading works require for this design. I thought she was beautiful so I decided to stitch her. Was it a big mistake that I picked her up to stitch?? Not Really! When you view her pictures, you’ll probably know the reason why.

W.I.P. -Mirabilia “Crystal Symphony”

(*Stitched on special hand dyed Provence 28ct. Cashel Linen)


I used up lots of Mill Hill seed beads and Toho seed beads making her. Her border was stitched with blending floss from Kreinik blending filament and DMC 939.

NOW They are all completed stitching! So I make them into ornaments.


I will be using White Silver glitter crochet yarns to knit and stitch the sides of the ornament. Almost..yes..almost done! Yay!

More updates of these two ornaments To Be Continue On Friday…


~*Mill Hill Beads Collection For Most Of My Mirabilia Designs! LOVE THEM!!*~



~*My Collection Of Cotton Fabric – For All Of My Handmade Ornaments!! *~