6 Handmade Ornaments In Ebay 21th September

I have been very busy this week making and cross stitching my ornaments. I have been busy stitching some small motif designs that I have created few days ago from Mirabilia design and Lavender and Lace designs. So let’s get starting looking at W.I.P. photo of the project.


This Mirabilia small motif design took me 3 days to stitch and make it into an ornament hanger. But all was worth the hardwork! The ornament turned out to be a beauty. I had to draft out another chart to replace the position of the top corner rose so that it appear nearer to the lady’s nose. So this photo was taken when I took a small break from continue stitching the replaced rose position at top right corner.

So now let’s take a final look at the completed project of Mirabilia (small motif design) – “Lady Of The Mist” stitched on 28ct. cashel linen


WOW! I can’t believe it took me 3 days to completed this project. LOVE Her!  She will be available in my Ebay Auctions this sunday. Don’t Miss her! She is the one and only available in the world. 🙂

Next, I also completed making an ornament from Lavender And Lace design -“Angel Of Freedom”

*I promise you guys that I will create more small motif designs, so here is it:


Another amazing project to stitch on 30ct.  natural wichelt linen!

I also make 2 ornaments from All Our Yesterdays.

AOY2    AOY1

From Left hand side “Reflections” , From right hand side “Hand In Hand”.

Also, two Halloween ornaments will be relisted this week.

5     6

From left hand side “Fright Night” , From Right hand side “Pretty Wicked”



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