The next stitching project for Mirabilia??

As I am now currently busy stitching a preorder from Mirabilia design and it progress faster than I expected. I think it will be done next week. So What will be the next Mirabilia design to stitch??  okay…. How about making this design in a new small motif design?

MD127 persephone  MD127 Persephone

Well, this is only one of the few designs I have yet pick and confirm on. I can’t take my eyes off it. Mirabilia designs are always awesome to stitch!

So how many Mirabilia designs have I stitched before? Well, there is quite a number of designs I’ve stitched before. I used to stitched these large designs and achieve good sales in ebay during 2000-2005. I stop stitching these large designs in 2006 due to family commitment. But instead only accept special preorders from my customers. However, I still collect Mirabilia’s charts. I always love their designs. I will never get sick of them! Starting this year, I decided to create small motif design from some Mirabilia designs. I think it will be interesting since not many stitchers done that before. I was very nervous and excited when I started creating my first small motif. I thought “What if the completed project look weird in a small motif with border? Can people accept my creation?” However when I show my first work to some of my students, they said it was beautiful. Later I tried out creating another smaller motif design “Ana” bewitching pixies and put it up for sale in ebay. It sold out in it’s first listing. So I knew all was worth making small motif from the large design. It’s also interesting to make some changes to the original colors. It gave me a different look from the large design. I will try to create more in future! My Promise.

Some of the Mirabilia designs I’ve stitched before :

  • Moonlight Lullaby
  • Crescent Dreams
  • Bedtime Friends
  • Fairy Flora
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Fairy Tales
  • English Roses
  • The Kiss
  • Titania
  • Three For Tea
  • Midsummer Night’s Fairy
  • Enchanted Dreamer
  • Adia The Garden Fairy
  • The Scent of Old Roses
  • The Queen Mermaid
  • The Feather Fairy
  • The Petal Fairy
  • Royal Holiday
  • The Bliss Fairy
  • Fairy Roses
  • Venetian Opulence (95% completed till today)
  • Silver Moon Tea

and also Woodland Fairy (as below)

MD woodland



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