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Singapore Post Increase Shipping Rates On 1st October

Okay, It’s a bad news I received on the last day of September 2014. From tomorrow onwards, the shipping rates to ship international will increase. I know they are a company that need to make profit inorder¬†to survive. So.. it makes it harder and harder for online business sellers to provide a cheaper shipping rate for buyers across the globe. But What Can We Do? I still need their shipping service. But that’s not only the bad news I received …this is only their first increase in shipping rates, in 2017 there will be another increase. ūüė¶ (I wonder how much will they increase the next round. Keeping¬†my fingers crossed.)


5 Ornaments In Ebay 28th September 2014


I have completed making some new ornaments to be listed on this coming sunday in ebay. Also on the other hand, I received a few special pre-orders from my customers. So I will have to speed up and briefly¬†summarise what I have been doing the past few days. I was drawing some small motif design chart¬†from mirabilia. Since it’s Autumn now, I want to stitch something related to this special season. (Although in my country Singapore, because of geographical location we do not have four seasons here and that¬†I really missed those days when I was¬†visiting LA and San Francisco¬†during winter time. Sometimes¬†we really have¬†to imagine that we’re having an Autumn here too. lol.) Okay, btw I managed to create and stitch two designs from mirabilia. One is from Maidens Of The Seasons (Autumn) and the other is from The Peony Garden. Both design is now created and made into small motif ornament hanger. Here is the W.I.P. photos from the two designs that I stitched along.

*W.I.P. – Mirabilia The Peony Garden (small motif design)

– Stitched on special hand-dyed vintage rose whisper 28ct. cashel linen



*W.I.P. -Mirabilia Maidens of The Seasons-Autumn (small motif design)

-Stitched on Autumn Blush 28ct. cashel linen


So Here Are The 5 Ornaments:

The Peony Garden


Maidens Of The Seasons (Autumn)


Multi-Purpose Halloween¬†Ornament from Lizzie Kate “eek”


And Relisted Items:

  • AOY- Girl n teddy bear
  • Shepherd’s Bush ‘Hocus Pocus’


ALSO, I would like to share with you a special preorder winter ornament I made for my ebay customer.

1  CCN- Snowmen Trio



6 Handmade Ornaments In Ebay 21th September

I have been very busy this week making and cross stitching my ornaments. I have been busy stitching some small motif designs that I have created few days ago from Mirabilia design and Lavender and¬†Lace designs. So¬†let’s get starting looking at¬†W.I.P. photo of the project.


This Mirabilia small motif design¬†took me¬†3 days to stitch and make it into an ornament hanger. But all was worth the hardwork! The ornament turned out to¬†be a¬†beauty. I¬†had to draft out another chart¬†to replace¬†the position of the¬†top corner rose so that it appear nearer to the lady’s nose. So this photo was taken when I took a small break from continue stitching the replaced¬†rose position at top right corner.

So now let’s take a final look at the completed project of Mirabilia (small motif design) – “Lady Of The Mist” stitched on 28ct. cashel linen


WOW! I can’t believe it took me 3 days to completed this project. LOVE Her!¬† She will be available in my Ebay Auctions this sunday. Don’t Miss her! She is the one and only available in the world. ūüôā

Next, I also completed making an ornament from Lavender And Lace design -“Angel Of Freedom”

*I promise you guys that I will create more small motif designs, so here is it:


Another amazing project to stitch on 30ct.  natural wichelt linen!

I also make 2 ornaments from All Our Yesterdays.

AOY2    AOY1

From Left hand side “Reflections” , From right hand side “Hand In Hand”.

Also, two Halloween ornaments will be relisted this week.

5     6

From left hand side “Fright Night” , From Right hand side “Pretty Wicked”


6 Ornaments Listed in Ebay On Sunday

I will be listing 6 handmade ornaments in ebay tomorrow 14th September 2014.

ūüôā Here is the Mirabilia Small Motif¬†ornament hanger that I created and made. I¬†decided to stitch¬†the inner border with blending¬†rose metallic floss and DMC 315 , so as to¬†create a more glittering effect border¬†. For the outer border, I used different¬†tones of rose color to stitch. I also did some small little changes on the lip color , dress color, seed beads color, teardrops color¬†and flower beads were used in this design too¬†. Isn’t she beautiful?

She will be available in my ebay listings tomorrow onwards. Please kindly note that this is a larger size ornament.


Also, I created a small motif for Lavender and Lace design ‘Angel Of Light’. Also this will be available tomorrow onwards in my ebay listings.


The other 4 ornaments that will also be listed in ebay tomorrow onwards are:

11      10

Two Ornaments from All Our Yesterdays designs – Left: Boy n sand Castle ; Right: Girl n Teddy Bear

P1060478¬† Shepherd’s Bush ‘Scatter Pumpkins’ Ornament

1¬† Shepherd’s Bush ‘Hocus Pocus’ Ornament


Day 1- W.I.P. Mirabilia Small Motif

I’ve created a chart for my new Mirabilia Small Motif design. So I started stitching her today.

Below is the W.I.P of my newest creation for small motif from one of the Mirabilia design.


So have you guess correctly on¬†the design title? I think most of you should have the right answer! ūüôā

Sunday, 7th September Ebay Listings

There will be 5 items listed in my ebay auctions on 7th September.

Here are the 5 ornaments:

P1060582¬†The Sweetheart Tree “Pumpkin Kitty”

Below two ornaments from All Our Yesterdays designs.

“Playtime With My Dog” (on left)¬† ; “Sunday Best” (on right)

P1060570     P1060578


P1060562¬† Lavender And Lace ” Green Angel”

P1060552¬† (Relisted Item) Lizzie Kate “Fright Night”