My Answers To Questions.

Q: I’d like to ask you how do you make your ribbon bows? I’ve always wondered, suppose it’s a simple technique but if possible, would like to see the exact method. As you can see with my ornaments their bows are done with ribbons with one color. You combine a few colors and this makes them quite good looking.

Answer: To make 2 or more colors in one ribbon bow, you can either tie two or more ribbons in one time, or simply just tie first color then the following color and secure them together with a straight pin. For my case, I usually tie different colors into one simple ribbon bow. It’s not difficult but do require a little skill to adjust the two ribbons so that they are of the equal length that face at the same side. Some good ribbon craft books do teach you special skills. You may be interested to find out more in these craft books. I learnt my ribbon craft skills in some of these books from the library. They include pictures so you can learn step by step.

Q:I love your handmade ornaments. However, I always missed out some of your ornaments in ebay. Will you be listing the ornaments again? Thanks.

Answer: Yes! For ornaments that are not sold out or ending without a winner in ebay, I will sure relist it again the next two following week. If the ornament that you are interested ended without a bidder, you may message me here or in ebay directly. I can help you to relist it within 24 hours time so that you can bid or buy it now. For ornaments that are sold out, but you are still interested to get it from me, let me know about it. I do accept preorders. I can help you make another one and then list it in ebay for you. *Please kindly note that it may need 2-6 days time for making the preorder ornament for you.

Q: I have a design from Mirabilia that I partially completed. I don’t think I can finish stitching it. Will it be possible for me to ship the materials to you so that you can help me to complete stitching the design? How much will you charge? Thank you.

Answer: I am so sorry that I do not accept partially completed preorders. I can help you make a new one either in aida, evenweave or linen. I can provide the materials through my own supplier. I am so sorry about it because I cannot held responsible if your materials package is lost in mail during shipping process. It’s still the best for me to start from scratch. It’s also much easier for me to notice a mistake I made in a wrong color stitch. I won’t be able to check on every single cross stitch count that you’ve already stitched on. Thank you for your kind understanding. Let me know if you would like to preorder a new one.


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