Making new Ornaments!

I am currently in the process of making some new ornaments. So here are some of the materials ready for making the ornaments. Top Ribbons and straight pins will be added in later part. Some of the materials like sewing threads and crochet yarns or knitting needles are also not shown in the picture. This is the first process of making an ornament using these materials. And of course, some special stitching skills must be apply to stitch on the sides and corners of the ornament alone. Some of you asked me how fast I make the completed design into a completed ornament. Well, it will have to depend on the size of the ornament. Usually it may need 2-4 hours time (including topping the center top and back ribbons). I think the most time will be apply on stitching the cross stitch design.  Then follow by stitching the sides of the ornaments and crochet knit the crochet lace at 4 sides. It gets easier after a few times you made the ornaments.  You get to learn the steps and ways how it is created. And of course, all the ornaments you get from me are 100% handmade and hand stitched by me. No one else.

Q: So , are circle or oval shape ornaments easier or harder to make?

For my case, oval shape will be the hardest ones to make. Because I have to be very careful and tactful inorder to make sure that the ornament is neatly stitched and knit at sides. It must turn out to be a nice oval shape. Circle shape is also harder to make than rectangle shapes. But that does not turn me off. I will still make some circle and oval shape ornaments. It will have to depend on the completed cross stitch design. If a circle shape ornament looks better for the design, I will make it into a circle design. I have not yet had a chance to make a hexagon shape ornament. I would like to make one if I come across a special design that required me to make a hexagon ornament. I think it will be a fun and interesting process. 🙂



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