16th August Newly Made Ornaments

3 Days ago, work in progress ….


🙂 I got a new batch of good quality aurora blue 100% cotton crochet yarn from my supplier. When she shown me the color, I immediately love the nice color. So I decided to crochet knit this yarn color on some of my AOY completed cross stitch design. It matched beautifully to the AOY designs. Light shades of sky blue, light violet plus light greens. WOW! What a nice combination of colors, it really goes well with the design. The ornaments turn out wonderful. Also, this week I decided to make my last AOY Girl with pink roses ornament and L&L Two Christmas Angels ornament. (Some of my ebay customers was asking me if I will make them again. ) I also made a new AOY ornament seaside boy and dog.  Yesterday, I also managed to ship out a preorder ornament. So from this week onwards, I only left two preorders to stitch. I will have more time stitching them. Yay!

Okay for now, let’s take a final look of my completed ornaments.

P1060280    16

7    12

And as I have promised that I will be relisting Just Nan Holly Bows ornament in one of my previous post (somewhere  below). So total will be 5 ornaments listed in ebay later today. Check them out for more pictures and details in my ebay auctions if you are interested in getting them from me. Enjoy your visit!


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