10th August : 6 Ornaments In Ebay!

Dear viewers and followers, it’s been a very fingers busy day for me. I have 3 preorders to complete. It’s been my pleasure to be able to stitch for you. I received some replies posted here. (However, I was very very busy cross stitching my preorders and also making new ornaments!) *Therefore, if I didn’t reply to you, it doesn’t mean I didn’t read your replies. It’s just simply that time is not enough for me. That’s why sometimes I really hope God could create 48 hours a day for me. LOL. Okay I know that’s impossible and I should not be so greedy, so I have to spend my time wisely. I even created a time-table for making my projects. Separate into 4 slots, first 3 for stitching my preorders, last one for making my ornaments to be listed in ebay each week. I received some comments about Etsy from some of you. Well actually I am not new to Etsy. I heard this marketplace 5 years ago. It was very quiet at that time. That is the reason why I did not join them. I always had this thinking to stay in ebay forever because this is the place where SeowStitchery always belong to. The place where you can find SeowStitchery. However, due to the upcoming new rating system in ebay, I was really stress out last month. I read lots of frustrated posts in community forum. Many members felt disappointed with the new system. I know many of you may also affected like I do. I do love ebay 🙂 but on the other hand I didn’t agree to some rules and system they apply. 😦 It’s being stressful!!

Therefore I am being so grateful to my long time customers and supporters. Because without your continuous support through the ups and downs these years, I won’t be carrying on my passion in creating new needlecraft items. Because I know there is someone somewhere on earth that will treasure and love my needlecraft work. Thank you for all your trust in my stitching skills. Thank you for preordering from SeowStitchery even though sometimes I had to make you wait too long for your preorders but you are still kind enough to understand and tell me not to rush. I really appreciate your kindness! I really do appreciate your business! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

~6 Ornaments are listed in ebay today. Check them Out in my ebay auctions!~

Two New Items:

All Our Yesterdays ‘Girl with basketful of yellow roses’

Mirabilia ‘Bewitching Pixies -Ana’

P1060193    5

These other 4 ornaments are also relisted in ebay today:

*L&L Blue Love Angel

*L&L Christmas Angel

*Just Nan- Pretty Wicked

*Shepherd’s Bush- Hocus Pocus


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