Linen Vs. Evenweave

Many of my customers asked me the same question:

— “What’s difference between evenweave and linen?”

Okay this information is given by one expert stitcher in online forum. Linen is 100% linen thread construction .The threads can be thick and thin,sort of slubby effect. Fabrics that are usually referred to as “evenweave’ are other compositions eg Lugana,Jobelan,Linda,Quaker Cloth to name a few. Some are “mixed compositiom”For instance Quaker cloth is linen and cotton,Linda is 100% cotton. Lugana is cotton and rayon. Some people prefer linen fabrics over the others, some don’t because of the slubby threads.

My answer is : They are very very similar to one another. In terms of the details in the final result of a stitched design. They appear to be the same effect when using with over 2 dmc threads. Just that evenweave fabric appear to be evenly woven. But linen is unevenly woven.  If you would to ask me which one I like. I would answer both but prefer evenweave more. It looks neater than linen. Also, I notice evenweave is a tough fabric. I used it to make my cushion cover with cross stitching design on it. Well after hand washing it for about 8 times, it still look pretty neat when I low warm press on the cushion cover. On the other hand, linen is not a tough fabric. After multiple hand wash the fabric, it can get pretty old fast. I don’t know why. Perhaps it is not suitable for making it into a cushion cover because you have to wash it once every few months when the cushion is dirty. So I think it really depends on what you want to make it into. If it is for matting and framing , I think it will be more suitable.

We’ll it’s up to individual. Above is just some comments based on my personal experience.


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