Input New Ideas Into Finished Cross Stitch Works.

P1050220 P1050226Work in progress…

I started this Shepherd’s Bush Multi-purpose ornament a few days ago, then put it aside. (Stitching on 28ct. jobelan evenweave.) I always have a new idea for handmade cross stitch ornaments. I am thinking of making this into not just an ornament, but also multi-purpose uses. So draft out my idea on a piece of paper. A bit of changes here and there, Trying to figure out how to work it out. That’s why I stitched the design and then put aside first. Later continue to work things out abit.  Finally, this is the outcome of the result. Not final result, because it is still not completed yet.

This ornament can be hang alone or convert into a photo frame, a greeting card or even become a memo pad.  All you need to do is to slip the card or memo pad into the center satin ribbon or the satin ribbons at 4 corners. Also, the hanger can be hide inside the ribbon at the back of the greeting card. It has a pearl button closure at the side, just like a little book. So when it is close, it becomes a hanger and won’t fall out. So far I’m happy with this new idea and design.

It’s always good to think of new ideas for my finished cross stitch work. I think as a good needlecraft designer, you should always have new ideas creating new work. This is something I always tell my students. All these years, I’ve seen many duplicate finished completed cross stitch needlecraft works in ebay. Everyone seems to do the same thing. A little boring though.

Therefore, I need to come up with something new. I love the joy of making new designs for my finished cross stitch work and love to receive nice comments and suggestions from my customers.

“It’s the Joy after all. I believe if you are happy doing the things you love, then you know you are on the right path.”  – – TAN. 🙂



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