Setting Up My New Etsy Shop Online!

Being in ebay for my cross stitch business since 2001, through 13 years ‘thick and thin’, things are never the same anymore. In June, password bully happened to them. Many ebayers are unhappy with them and most of them choose to leave. Some of my regular ebay followers even told me they are sick of coming back because they need to reset new password. And still wondering if it’s safe to shop there. Some ebay members even mentioned they even took control over sellers and buyers browsing and searching privacy. Meaning even if you list 500 items in ebay, not very single item will appear in search results. Your items just won’t show up.  Ebay used to be the best auction site online when I first joined them back in 2001. I missed the good old days with them. But now, they are just not the same anymore. So is it still worth to showcase my finished work there? I don’t really know. If ebayers cannot view my item listings, even if I make the world best needlecraft work, nobody will know about it. This is disappointing to me and I don’t know why they hide the listings behind. What will they benefit by doing this? I don’t understand.

Nevermind, Thanks to Joe one of my ebay customer/ follower for introducing me to Well, I always wanted to set up my own completed cross stitch needlecraft shop online where I can provide a closer personalize service to my customers worldwide. Somewhere that I can showcase my latest best handmade cross stitch needlecraft works as well as put them up for sale. Also security is an issue when you want to sell something online. I want my buyers to feel safe buying things from me. So etsy is not a bad choice here. During these years, we have seen many successful stories from handicraft sellers in Etsy. Also members using them mentioned they are a gentle and safe online marketplace. Traffic has seen increasing rapidly these years in Etsy. So I become their member in late June. Currently, I am in the mid of building my Etsy online shop.

However on the other side of me, I do feel a little sad when I think of my 820 plus positive feedback that I earned from my ebay customers in these 13 years! These feedbacks motivated me to continue my passion in cross-stitching world. And I can no way transfer them to my etsy shop.

Perhaps, it’s a good thing to walk out of ebay now and start looking ahead to somewhere better?? Or Should I give ebay a second chance?


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